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What is Telemedicine ?

Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services through electronic communication and information technology between patients and healthcare practitioner.

When to Use Telemedicine ?

You have an non-emergency condition, you need care, and can’t get to a doctor, telemedicine can help you.Our telemedicine vHealth365 platform enables primary care providers to consult with medical specialists who are not otherwise available. Providers can discuss patient cases, regardless of location, and without the need for travel.Primary providers and specialists can examine patients in remote locations when distance is a barrier, as is the case when patients live in rural and underserved urban areas.

Monitoring programs can collect a wide range of health data from the point of care, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and electrocardiograms.

We have been offering telemedicine consultations to African countries by partnering with primary healthcare centers, secondary and tertiary care centers in countries like Nigeria, Djibouti ,Botswana,Ethiopia, Tanzania etc.

Super-specialists from our doctor’s panel offer their expert opinions and in some cases are involved in the vitals monitoring of acute cases via our telemedicine platform.

A case in point is Mrs B who is a 28 years old female who was relatively healthy 5 years back when she developed a left upper extremities swelling .She underwent biopsy and subsequent surgery because it was diagnosed as a soft tissue benign lesion.

After 3 years it recurred at the same site with similar symptoms She went to a different hospital and got the same diagnosis and treatment.

For the last 10 months she suffered the same problem but it worsened and has pain and numbness associated with appetite loss, weight loss and sweating.

Over a telemedicine consultation with a superspecialist from our telemedicine panel, she was diagnosed to have osteosarcoma. 2 months hence she had her first chemotherapy cycle.

Telepathology, Teledermatology, Teleophthalmology,Teleneurology, Telecardiology, Tele-education for Physicians are some of the Telemedicine Speciality Consults in our repertoire.

For a detailed discussion on how our services can augment your healthcare practice, contact us at


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Telemedicine for Foundations

Socially motivated foundations and CSR agencies are battling with the challenge of establishing low cost platforms that withstand the scrutiny regulatory conditions of the industry.

Foundations which regularly work together with governing powers, such as its Board of Directors and external Donor agencies. These foundations set high-emphasized pressure in the contribution procedures and following the region’s government guidelines.

Foundations have various avenues to optimize their service, however, they are usually constrained by investment levels in technology and functional support that can potentially accelerate their efforts in social change and intervention.

At TRS telehealth solutions, we help in the following ways:

Highly Adaptive Intelligent Systems

Our functionality is easily configurable for a variety of environments and the long run, improves the overall affinity of social healthcare programs to the target segments.

Real Time Data

We offer critical business data on a timely basis, which empowers foundations to make course corrections in transformation programs.

Comprehensive Suite

Our comprehensive suite of solutions and products help foundations gain access to execute their healthcare delivery programs across various governing disciplines for primary or secondary level care or tertiary level education.

Our innovative platform brings about extraordinary transformations to healthcare deliverables. Our unique insight in key variables of interaction can lead programs to successful positions.

Enhance Cost Management
Our global expertise ensures greater operational excellence and substantial improvement in valued investments; automatically lowering the cost of delivering the care.

Regulatory Mechanisms and Compliance

We are globally operational company; our processes are internationally benchmarked and accredited at the highest level of compliance for security and robust processes. Healthcare being a knowledge intensive sector, our professionals and practitioners have fundamental experience with internal regulatory controls and peer review mechanisms to ensure the highest SLAs (Service Level Agreement) in healthcare delivery.

Collaborative and Traceable Platforms

Our global friendly platform captures various data on the care continuum that gives deeper insights for adjustable management initiatives, enabling agent modification with measurable data.

The Teleradiology Foundation works together with Government Agencies, and other foundations who envision public private partnerships in public health initiatives. For more info please visit or download our brochure here.. [ hyper link to teleradfoundation site ]

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Telemedicine for Healthcare

The ever-changing dynamics of the business and economic world, has led the healthcare industry to adjust to the rising costs of medical treatment and professional protocol by transforming its fiscal models. The traditional healthcare system is no longer able to create sustainable models as ROI continues to lead time extending to 3- 5 years.

The equitable delivery of high quality healthcare to the stakeholders is a concern. No longer is the healthcare industry an isolated point of delivery but instead become an integral player in the socio – economic fabric of the nation with the factors of accessibility and foreign competition in effect.

The standardization of high quality and timely healthcare is blatantly skewed to benefit higher income groups which ultimately leads to the industries’ experts to look for newer, innovative ways to service the under reached demographics. In such a scenario, there will be a need for a highly efficient model that will position the hospitals and providers to take advantage of the new changes in the healthcare services and potentially create operational efficiencies to iron out the redundant system.

TRS Telehealth creates configurable and easily adaptive delivery models that will enable healthcare organisations to aggressively move from a doctor centric to patient driven delivery model.

In this modern digital age, vast information is available to the public’s finger tips and the options are endless.

So now the question arises – Can we create a viable, scalable model that will enable operational efficiency, while at the same time, deliver significant cost savings and a high satisfactory patient outcomes.

To tread this carefully, requires a highly responsive agile system that will address patient feedback accordingly. Importantly, depicting and improving complaints before it becomes a point of concern and broadcasting complements as a marketing tool to attract more potential patients.

TRS Telehealth Solutions reduces the burden of managing multiple partners and stakeholders through its unique built organizational features. In the end, TRS will help carry out the daily operations with great efficiency. As well as, helping you reduce the spend on IT infrastructure by adopting new technology while integrating the existing system. TRS aims to employ cloud and mobility solutions that will reduce dependency on legacy enterprise systems which has proven to be costly in terms of training, user adoption and arraying obsolete technology in the long run.

TRS’ system will safeguard you from the pitfalls of heavy capital expenditure as newer technologies make the existing ones outdated.

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TeleMedicine for Corporates


In this fast changing economy, corporations have increasingly matured from the traditional organizational set up to a fast pace, credible service that deliver to the high demand of the consumer market. Globalization has opened up vast global market in the healthcare spectrums to deem services and products to.

Customers now have access to a global market where borders are gradually thinning out in view of the advances in IT and communication and digital revolutions. Companies have taken advantage to open global offices and deploy their man power globally . A highly distributed and collaborative nature of today’s workforce enabled by remote access technologies raised the stakes in this fast evolving and increasingly dynamic and virtualized work environs.

Corporates are reconsidering their stance on handing over the employee’s healthcare systems to third party providers that don’t fully grasp the complexities and changing dynamics. They are looking for specialized knowledge that can fill in this gap and still meet the compliance and regulatory issues.

TRS understands this changing scenarios in the new corporate businesses and we have leveraged telemedicine to reduce the huge healthcare cost burden in view of the distributed workforce and adapting to the changing reimbursement models in different geographies and the also the dissimilarities in the Quality of healthcare when they deploy workforce in disease prone geographies like interior Asia and Africa.

With a large number of solutions that have sprung up in the name of telehealth – their relative immaturity in handling large scale enterprise wide requirements discourages their adoption by enterprises from deploying them globally. TRS Telehealth has its built in security mechanisms over cloud that can be automated and its flexibility causes the enlistment of corporates with our services and solutions.

In some situations , due to high propensity for the occurrence of occupational hazards for eg in offshore oil rigs and factories , regulatory body mandates setting up of healthcare facilities that will address any emergency for the employees at risk.

To effectively tackle all these situations that may arise in the course of business growth involves a lot of costs in terms of setting up dedicated healthcare system that might take your focus away from your core business . At TRS telemedicine is not a separate specialty but an essential part of the larger eco system where delivery of clinical dare is made the top priority. As such in sync with the different needs of the customer , we aim to bring high quality point of care delivery through a combination of deep domain expertise , operational excellence and innovative care paradigms.

Our founders and patrons are graduates of Ivy league institutions and are the virtual who is who in their respective fields and thought leaders in their areas of specialization ; coupled with strategic educational and organizational partnerships across the globe in different domains.their industry experience is unparalleled when it comes to healthcare delivery. When great teams team up ; they create truly world class products and world class solutions to age old global problems ensues.

Our products incorporate the latest advances in Mobile and Cloud Computing to delight the end user by providing a truly global experience in healthcare delivery.

Having serviced clients in over 25 countries world wide , with global delivery centres in Singapore , India, Israel and USA we have exhibited and mastered the operational efficiency that it takes to achieve excellence.

We have pioneered telehealth concepts being a world leader in innovation in healthcare delivery arena be it teleradiology , telemedicine consults, telepathology, telecarediology, teleneurology , etc. We have incubated and launched widely successful initiatives like clinical imaging and tele –counselling to tele-education .


Providing telehealth and corporate healthcare solutions and services to over 60 global clients through our subsidiaries have taught us a thing or two about telehealth in corporate arena. We are the healthcare service provider of choice to 65 corporates in a short span of 10 years.


Key Services

TRS Telehealth helps you address your major corporate healthcare challenges and also supports you in your flexible work environments with fast low cost implementations and reduced burden to the clients. Our solutions and services across the entire care continuum includes

Corporate HealthCare packages

Pre and Post Employment Checks

Employee health Risk Assessments

In House Medical Services

In House Doctors and Nursing Staff

In house clinics on a BOT model

Emergency and Ambulatory Services.

Offshore Health care for the Distributed workforce.

Telemedicine Plug N Play – Completely or Partially Client Operated.

Telemedicine Hubs in SEZs and Corporate Parks.

We serve the top brands in each category as their preferred healthcare partner, because we help them breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the health of their employees as they navigate the rough waters of new market acquisition and entering new geographies for scalability and nimble delivery.

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