Governments across the world is increasingly adopting e-Governance initiatives to increase transparency and boost productivity by simplifying resource allocation costs and managing the costs of deployment of various programs in the public sphere.
Increased proliferation of the Information & Communication technologies and ubiquitous internet for mass adoption of smart phones have paved the way for adoption of these newer technologies for telehealth in rural and urban populations alike . More so when the hurdles and inherent challenges in traditional healthcare delivery can be overcome adopting technology that eliminates the factors that stand in the way of quality healthcare deployment.
The alarming statistics of dearth of specialized and general medical practitioners alongwith logistical and infrastructural disabilities have flummoxed the public health agencies like a plague.The government bodies are constantly looking to bridge these gaps with more incentive driven and legislative norms but is failing rapidly due to lack of adoption by the medical community. Adopting new technologies at a federal or at a village level helps these agencies in overriding budgetary constraints which is a major factor of every government initiative.
Even so , setting up infrastructural capabilities sometimes fail as healthcare is a hands on and extremely personal discipline and in many parts of the world , the infrastructure is orphaned due to unavailability of qualified and willing medical practitioners. The need of the hour is an medical eco system that can utilize the infrastructure and couple it with a body of specialized medical knowledge with an inbuilt skilling program that can help the less skilled to be abreast with the latest in medical knowledge and delivery systems – a scalable low cost platform that can be easily adopted .
HOW TRS Telehealth Helps – THE TRS Advantage.
TRS Telehealth understands the Challenges facing Governments at a tactical level . WE have been called upon by various Government Agencies in India and para government agencies for Tibet and in Africa to consult and support their public health endeavours by creating customized healthcare delivery programs that benefits the good citizens at the grass root level.

1) Project management – Appraises the compliance / security issues and environmental factors and medico legal issues.
2) Simplified healthcare delivery programs that leverages our deep domain expertise in Healhtcare and IT systems with a global workforce.
3) Creating faster turn around time and measurable value propositions in the areas of public health initiatives.
Its our firm belief that a marriage of our technological prowess and our world class global point of care delivery systems that will revolutionize the way Governments administer public health .
The pace and dynamics of the public healthcare delivery is undergoing a shift with the changing societal environmental conditions. The migration of rural population to urban areas blurs the lines of demarcation between urban and rural areas. There exists a large number of underserviced low income groups in both urban and rural areas which only adds to the Care Burden of the Governments at different levels. Further encumbered by income disparity , government concessional demographics and an ineffective administrative body the very important aspect of timely high quality healthcare is a utopian dream. The governments across the world are struggling with equitable healthcare access.
Unlike education, medical and healthcare needs are time sensitive . Many a time a few seconds or minutes difference is a matter of life and death. As such when the less affluent struggle to make sure that healthcare delivery within their reach when the time comes and not dependent upon the whims and availaibility of the over worked physicians. TRS telehealth augments the existing infrastructure in terms of people , policy guidelines to innovate throught its deep analytics and domain expertise to remove administrative bottlenecks and identify new paradigms that will be refreshingly new and path breaking at the same time.
Adopting this brings in greater transparency and greater accountability of the fund allocated programs which will also result in
Maximize reach of the public healthcare programs
System that will deliver medical aid in time and in systematic manner
Upskill the practitioners with built in frameworks for knowledge upgrade and latest insights
A collaboration of Internet, Digital , Cloud and Mobility solutions that reduce the cost burden of healthcare delivery.
The rapid changes in healthcare delivery poses another significant challenges for Government Agencies. Large scale investment in healthcare technology are virtually made obsolete in a matter of months and the less fortunate citizens of the good country normally bear the brunt of this upgrade. To tide over this TRS Telehealth enables delivery systems that are low capital intensive and less IT infrastructural investment. Our IT investments have an inbuilt capability to adapt easily to the changes without affecting institutional and operational efficiencies.
An equally important challenge and an important aspect is the Question of Safeguarding the privacy and security of patient data . AT TRS quality compliance systems are in built into the system that conforms to global standards of HIPAA accreditation. To mitigate the risk of data breach at potential touch points we have covered possible leaks as securely as possible. Thus we enable the service provider and patient to interact in a secure and safe environment without compromising individual safety concerns .
We have been HIPAA compliant since 2002. < verify year >
Building large scale programs is bridled with a lot of other concerns . There are distinct differences in how healthcare systems are engineered for Government and other sectors
Security Issues
With the mass influx of personal data being transferred over the networks , security and load balancing can be a potential threat . so systems have to be in place that will mitigate risks
Obsolete Technology
The undercurrents of change affects literally every aspect of our life and the eco system has to be geared up to adapt the new upgrades without disrupting the existing Infrastructural set ups and the quality of care outcomes.
Appreciating advances in technology will help us prevent the upgrades from derailing the productivity and potentially life threatening situations in healthcare. This requires a specialized and systematic knowledge to abort silos of healthcare and technology, a convergence that will posture Intelligent systems within the geo political landscape.
Budgetary Constraints
With government agencies facing cynicism from all quarters for any public expenditure , accountability and transparency becomes sometimes an over riding factor in making decisions. And the second most important factor is the budgetary constraints. TRS Telehealth helps in creating a collaborative , easily trackable healthcare IT systems that can adjust itself to the Budgetary limits at each touch points . at the same time , reducing the over all cost burden by implementing cloud computing and mobility solutions and keeping the IT infrastructural investments to a minimum also helps. We thus contribute bu building a nimble architecture.
Lack of End User Support and Training

TRS telehealth recognizes the critical differences in medical knowledge can sometimes be the matter of life and death . Most initiatives to take off at the grass root level required deep indoctrination and continuous training. To overcome this vulnerability , doctors and medics are encouraged to use the elearning platform for continuous medical education conducted by faculty from internationally acclaimed institutions.
TRS Telehealth presents you the tools , techniques and global deployment expertise to architect large scale , secure , stable and easily replicable upgrades , nimble environments for a self sustainable and satisfactory point of care outcomes.
TRS TElehealth is the worlds leading Telehealth company that delivers telemedicine solutions and products to support its clients endeavor of making healthcare accessible to their stakeholders. TRS Telehealth through its multi disciplinary and global deployment expertise delivers a 360 degree comprehensive telehealth suite . A company globally recognized for its path breaking innovations and incubator of world class business models in healthcare delivery. We are committed to healthcare through and through.
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TRS Telehealth has partnered with UNICEF , Govts of India, Tanzania , Ethiopia , Singapore, and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Tibetan Settlement etc . With Global delivery centers in Singapore, USA , India, Africa, Israel and Middle East , we service clients in 25 countries and is regarded as one of the best healthcare service delivery companies in the world.