Telemedicine in Africa

Africa has the lowest life expectancy in all the regions of the world.

Africa has only 4 % of healthcare workers.

The number of physicians per thousand is 2.3 whereas for the rest of the world its 14. In almost 14 countries of Africa, no specialists are available.

Some Alarming Statistics

51 % of the world’s total of child deaths occur in Africa.

900,000 African babies die after child birth per year. 1.16 Million Children babies die in the first 28 days of their life.

5.9 Million die due to Communicable Diseases amounting to 64 % of all deaths in Sub Saharan Africa

2.7 Million deaths are due to Non Communicable Diseases amounting to 28 % of all deaths in Sub Saharan Africa

The Top 5 Killer Diseases in Africa are

HIV-AIDS / Lower Respiratory Tract Infections / Diarrheal Diseases/ Malaria/Strokes

In poor African Countries, the per capita spending on Healthcare is $20 and the average spend is 5 % of the Total GDP

High Opportunity costs to obtain healthcare by the poor.

Sharp Gender inequalities to healthcare access in the continent.



Telemedicine brings about significant improvements in both access to affordable healthcare and quality of point of care delivery thereby increasing the use of healthcare across the spectrum.



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