What is Telemedicine ?

Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services through electronic communication and information technology between patients and healthcare practitioner.

When to Use Telemedicine ?

You have an non-emergency condition, you need care, and can’t get to a doctor, telemedicine can help you.Our telemedicine vHealth365 platform enables primary care providers to consult with medical specialists who are not otherwise available. Providers can discuss patient cases, regardless of location, and without the need for travel.Primary providers and specialists can examine patients in remote locations when distance is a barrier, as is the case when patients live in rural and underserved urban areas.

Monitoring programs can collect a wide range of health data from the point of care, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and electrocardiograms.

We have been offering telemedicine consultations to African countries by partnering with primary healthcare centers, secondary and tertiary care centers in countries like Nigeria, Djibouti ,Botswana,Ethiopia, Tanzania etc.

Super-specialists from our doctor’s panel offer their expert opinions and in some cases are involved in the vitals monitoring of acute cases via our telemedicine platform.

A case in point is Mrs B who is a 28 years old female who was relatively healthy 5 years back when she developed a left upper extremities swelling .She underwent biopsy and subsequent surgery because it was diagnosed as a soft tissue benign lesion.

After 3 years it recurred at the same site with similar symptoms She went to a different hospital and got the same diagnosis and treatment.

For the last 10 months she suffered the same problem but it worsened and has pain and numbness associated with appetite loss, weight loss and sweating.

Over a telemedicine consultation with a superspecialist from our telemedicine panel, she was diagnosed to have osteosarcoma. 2 months hence she had her first chemotherapy cycle.

Telepathology, Teledermatology, Teleophthalmology,Teleneurology, Telecardiology, Tele-education for Physicians are some of the Telemedicine Speciality Consults in our repertoire.

For a detailed discussion on how our services can augment your healthcare practice, contact us at info@telradsol.com