Socially motivated foundations and CSR agencies are battling with the challenge of establishing low cost platforms that withstand the scrutiny regulatory conditions of the industry.

Foundations which regularly work together with governing powers, such as its Board of Directors and external Donor agencies. These foundations set high-emphasized pressure in the contribution procedures and following the region’s government guidelines.

Foundations have various avenues to optimize their service, however, they are usually constrained by investment levels in technology and functional support that can potentially accelerate their efforts in social change and intervention.

At TRS telehealth solutions, we help in the following ways:

Highly Adaptive Intelligent Systems

Our functionality is easily configurable for a variety of environments and the long run, improves the overall affinity of social healthcare programs to the target segments.

Real Time Data

We offer critical business data on a timely basis, which empowers foundations to make course corrections in transformation programs.

Comprehensive Suite

Our comprehensive suite of solutions and products help foundations gain access to execute their healthcare delivery programs across various governing disciplines for primary or secondary level care or tertiary level education.

Our innovative platform brings about extraordinary transformations to healthcare deliverables. Our unique insight in key variables of interaction can lead programs to successful positions.

Enhance Cost Management
Our global expertise ensures greater operational excellence and substantial improvement in valued investments; automatically lowering the cost of delivering the care.

Regulatory Mechanisms and Compliance

We are globally operational company; our processes are internationally benchmarked and accredited at the highest level of compliance for security and robust processes. Healthcare being a knowledge intensive sector, our professionals and practitioners have fundamental experience with internal regulatory controls and peer review mechanisms to ensure the highest SLAs (Service Level Agreement) in healthcare delivery.

Collaborative and Traceable Platforms

Our global friendly platform captures various data on the care continuum that gives deeper insights for adjustable management initiatives, enabling agent modification with measurable data.

The Teleradiology Foundation works together with Government Agencies, and other foundations who envision public private partnerships in public health initiatives. For more info please visit or download our brochure here.. [ hyper link to teleradfoundation site ]